[eDebate] Congrats to John Foy, new ADOF @ Weber State

omar guevara oguevara
Tue Aug 11 17:56:13 CDT 2009



Congrats to John Foy for becoming the new Assistant Director of Forensics at Weber State University for the 09-10 year.


This is a full-time faculty position that includes both forensics obligations, teaching obligations, service and scholarship expectations.


Weber State looks forward to the excellence John will bring to our program, department, college, and university.


You've come along way, baby! :)



Omar G Guevara II
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication
College of Arts & Humanities
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

801.626.6220 (Office)
801.668.6910 (Cell)
Oguevara at hotmail.com
Oguevara at weber.edu


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