[eDebate] EDI Distance Participation

David Register regedebate
Wed Aug 12 09:00:57 CDT 2009


Several people have indicated a desire to participate in the EDI policy
program (August 16 - 23), but have found traveling to Burlington
cost-prohibitive.  So, we invite you to participate in our cooperative
effort from home.

To take part in the EDI from a distance you need to:

            -Indicate your interest (send an email to me at
David.Register at uvm.edu)

            -Send a $25 check payable to University of Vermont (a donation
to the debate team) to LJ Palardy,

             Speech & Debate, 475 Main Street, UVM, Burlington, VT 05405 USA

            -Complete a small research assignment by Thursday morning,
August 20

People who take part in the EDI from a distance will receive the complete
evidence set and access to videos of all EDI lectures.

Let me know if you have additional questions,

David Register

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