[eDebate] Paperless Wiki

JP Lacy lacyjp
Fri Aug 14 22:22:18 CDT 2009

Following Whitman & Denver's lead, a bunch of squads are eliminating 
paper this year.

More will do it soon after. Even more High School students are working 
on doing the same.

We'll learn a lot this year about how to improve the process.

I figured it would be nice to assemble knowledge in one place.

So, I started a wiki. http://paperlessdebate.wikispaces.com/

Its got everything I've found about paperless debate so far.

Please add, edit, whatever. Its a wiki: We can make whatever we want 
from it.


ps-I know I started a little bandwagon earlier this summer when I said 
Wake was switching this year. We are delaying those plans because I 
don't think I have the time to devote to it this year.

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