[eDebate] Thanks to all who make the ADI great!

Adam Symonds asymonds
Fri Aug 14 23:33:50 CDT 2009

I just wanted to send everyone a quick note of thanks for making the 2009
ADI so productive this year. Above all, thanks to all of the students that
attended this year's institute at Arizona State University. Special thanks
to our staff: Dr. David Hingstman, Glen Frappier, Jason Russell, Sarah
Holbrook, Toni Nielson, Theresa Perry, Orion Steele, Steve Pointer and Dr.
Gordon Stables. I'd also like to thank the following folks for their special
guest appearances: Mike Hall for delivering the closing lecture, Dr. Jon
Bruschke for running our institute tournament tab room, and Sue Peterson for
managing the ADI Wiki. Thanks, too, to all of the fellows who worked so hard
to assist the labs in practice debates and putting out quality evidence. If
you would like to see a list of the files put out at the ADI this year,
check out our website.
Last but not least, thanks to Sylvia Symonds for being our administrative
director. Without her, this beautiful thing we have going in Tempe would
fall apart. We're looking forward to hosting everyone at the ADI in 2010!

Adam Symonds
Director of Forensics
Arizona State University
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