[eDebate] Stories from Loon Lake.....

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Sat Aug 15 09:40:15 CDT 2009


I just wanted to take time to thank all of you who made the Call of the Loon possible.  For me, it was an incredible experiment for a summer workshop.
>From the responses I received of those who attended, it seemed to be a positive experience for our debate lives and for some it may have been almost like "life camp".
I came up with some of my top ten moments from our experience to share with everyone.  If you want to know more, get some stories from those who attended.

10.  Nader slowing down for EVERY SINGLE "Moose Crossing" sign he encountered while driving in up-state New York.  (He caught a fish too.....)
9.   JT catching 3 fish in 10 minutes
8.  Lucy; Loose Nukes, the 25th Loon.  She was the puppy dog that showed up and stayed at camp the whole time.
7.  Keil B and Vicente being beat up by Lucy as she tried to save them when they were swimming.  She thought they were drowning as they "doggy paddled" around.....
6.  The combination of fishing equipment people would choose to put on the pole.  Some underestimate the intelligence of the fish.
5.  They K-State Kayaking Team of Gloria and Heather - I think they would have slept on the island if we had pressed it. 
4.  Captain Ryan Wash - He showed up claiming he had never been in a boat; he tried to boat every day.  Refused to have a practice debate in the boat though....
3.  Jessica Whittle and the meat clever (yes! large meat cleaver) she was going to use to kill the fish they caught, only to be topped by
2. Toni Nielson and her stick of firewood she used to club that fish they caught.  Toni can strike a blow, ask the fish....especially when she holds it down with one foot.....
1. The Evening Speeches given by everyone!  

For me, I learned a lot about debate and felt like I gained many new friends from the experience.  We are confident we will try and do this again next year.
The size of the workshop will not grow, cooking for 24 people is taxing, and we feel that if it got larger it could lose some of the many advantages offered by our small group discussions.

Once again, thanks to the coaches and debaters who attended.  Everyone was important to our discussions.

Lastly, thanks to Nicole for sharing such a important family hideaway with those who attended.  She did more than one could comprehend to prepare for the workshop.  Which included getting a podium.  (clutch)  

Good Luck to all of you!



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