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Eric Robertson sdsuforensics
Tue Aug 18 12:07:25 CDT 2009

Hello Everyone,
We have been working hard this summer to get this finished and it is finally
up, a live video conferencing group for all aspects of forensics.  Please
check it out at http://www.worldforensicsnetwork.com

It functions on a few different levels:

1. Community-  World Forensics Network is a social networking website that
allows students and coaches to create profiles, add pictures, post to a
bulletin board, and join groups affiliated with their school.
2. Competition-  WFN allows for students and coaches to practice in two free
video conference rooms.  One of the rooms allows for six simultaneous live
video streams and the other allows for twelve with up to 100 people
watching.  Both are free for students and coaches!
3. Cheap-  We plan on hosting tournaments on the website.  Since teams would
not have to travel, it saves a significant amount of money while engaging in
competition from around the world.  In fact, the main page shows a clip of a
sample debate with one debater from Oxford and the other three in San Diego.

Students absolutely want this.  We already have nationally ranked debaters,
coaches, and over 70 members.  Our goal is to break 1000 members by the end
of the semester.  

This website is completely free to use.  Eventually there will be fees to
enter a tournament, but they will be minimal.

Please incorporate this amazing tool into your team structure.  It will
really do wonders for the community if done right.  Cheers!

Take a look around at http:www.worldforensicsnetwork.com

Also, the video conference rooms are only viewable to members in order to
keep them secure.  

Eric Robertson
Director of Forensics
San Diego State University
worldforensicsnetwork at gmail.com

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