[eDebate] New Whitman Paperless Template And Manual

Aaron Hardy spoon_22
Tue Aug 18 18:27:44 CDT 2009


The latest version of Whitman?s paperless macros and
associated user manual are finished and available at the following website:




If you?re planning on using a version of our template next
year, I strongly recommend upgrading to the new one.  It?s a significant improvement over what we
used last year, and adds a ton of new functionality.  The manual has also been revamped, so it?s
worth a peek even if you?ve read the last one.


Even if you?re not planning on going paperless, you might
find some of the other macros useful (like the Auto Cite Request one).


Here?s a short list of some of the new highlights:


1)  Significant new
functionality, with the ability to move or ?send? a card, block, or entire
section at a time using the same macro.  


2)  Several other new
features, many similar to some of the other paperless implementations.


3)  Bug fixes to
essentially every problem in the old version


4)  An ?automatic?
cite request macro that turns an entire document at a time into a cite
list.  Has the benefit of being very fast
and efficient.


5)  Works with .doc,
.docx, and any capitalization of Speech.doc.


6)  Works on XP,
Vista, Mac, and Linux, and both Word 2003 and 2007.


7)  The manual has an
expanded FAQ section to deal with some of the many questions I?ve received
since the last version of the manual.


Lastly, thanks to all the people who have helped with this
project, and a special shout out to Sam King for all his coding assistance.





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