[eDebate] Kentucky Round Robin and Henry Clay updates

SOLT, ROGER E resolt2
Wed Aug 19 09:48:59 CDT 2009

The following teams and schools have accepted invitations to the Kentucky Round Robin.

Berkeley:  Bowen and Polin
Emory:  O. Inamullah and Weil
Harvard:  Jacobs and Parkinson
Michigan State:  Lanning and Wunderlich
Northwestern:  Fisher and Spies
Oklahoma:  Giglio and Watts
University of Texas at Dallas:  Baker and Rubaie
West Georgia:  Boykin and Schultz
Whitman:  Cohn and Strauss

Several notes about the Henry Clay.

 1.  There are 7 preliminary rounds, so no judge should be listed for more than that number.
 2.  In the seventh round, sides will be assigned by the computer.  It will NOT be a flip for sides.
 3.  We will use the 100 point scale.

Roger Solt

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