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Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Thu Aug 20 15:33:18 CDT 2009


Both Jon Bruschke and I are working on systems that will improve communication between tabrooms and participants during tournaments.  It is now possible to send pairings and other tournament information to participants as soon as they are produced, thereby saving time and printing costs.
More critically, we will be able to communicate directly with judges and have them submit their ballots electronically.  Jon and I are testing two different ways to accomplish this.  In Jon's system, judges will log-in to a website where they will be able to enter their ballots and have them downloaded by the tab room.  At Kentucky I am testing an alternative using e-mails.  For all judges who wish to participate in the experiment, I will send their ballots to them via e-mail.  They will be able to fill them out on their computer, return them to me and have them automatically recorded (at which time an e-mail will be returned verifying what has been entered into the computer).
In order for the experiment to work, we will need judges who wish to participate to supply their e-mails to me.  The easiest way to do this will be to enter them directly on Bruschke's site which will now have a field for teams and judges to enter e-mail addresses that will remain secure and not distributed.  If you don't want to enter your e-mail address in debateresults but are still interested in participating in the online ballot experiment, you can send me your e-mail address directly.
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