[eDebate] Congratulations to Mike Girouard, New DoD for The New School

Amber Kelsie akelsie
Sat Aug 22 08:54:35 CDT 2009

I would like to announce that Mike Girouard is the new Director of
Debate at The New School.  I have stepped down from my position in
order to attend grad school at the University of Pittsburgh.  I will
deeply miss all the crazy kids at the New School but I know they will
be in good hands with Mike.  Mike graduated from UNT and has since
spent his time coaching at Highland Park and most recently, at the
University of Rochester.  His dedication to his debaters as people and
as students, not to mention his nice guy "I'm just chillin" factor,
make me certain that he'll take The New School to greater levels of
I'm very proud to say congratulations Mike.

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