[eDebate] NCA Travel Grants for Students of Color

Sue Peterson bk2nocal
Sun Aug 23 01:01:27 CDT 2009

Saw this in the CRTNET and thought I would pass it on here.  If you are
presenting or serving on a committee that will be meeting at the NCA
Convention this is an opportunity to get some help with travel costs.  I
would imagine both undergrads and grads would be eligible...but graduate
students who are presenting are probably more likely to get the money.

Alberto Gonzalez, agonzal at bgsu.edu

The NCA is able to offer up to sixteen $300.00 travel grants for students of
color who need financial assistance to attend the annual convention.
Department chairs and faculty are encouraged to assist those students of
color who need financial assistance to apply.  Students should send a
current resume or curriculum vitae along with a description of NCA
activities at the 2009 convention and a letter from the department chair or
faculty advisor confirming the financial need of the student. Submissions
should be sent electronically to Dr. Al Gonz?lez at the following email
address: agonzal at bgsu.edu. Deadline for submissions is September 18, 2009.

Sue Peterson, Director of Speech and Debate at CSU Chico
sepeterson at csuchico.edu

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girls have the opportunity to participate in their society."

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remains so, maybe for twenty years.?
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