[eDebate] Call for Summer Meeting Bids

Mike Davis davismk13
Tue Aug 25 14:46:08 CDT 2009

Hello All,

The CEDA executive council is soliciting bids for the 2010 Summer Meeting.
If you are interested in hosting please forward the following information to
davismk13 at gmail.com:

1) Possible dates

2) Classroom/ meeting room access - Usually we just use one room. Is there a
cost? Is there a cost for internet access?

3) Hotel rates (for small block of 10-15 rooms)

4) Is webcasting an option? If so, what costs exist?

5) Is the host school willing/able to underwrite the costs at all? Provide
breakfast, etc?

6) Transportation support? (Airport pickups, ground shuttles, etc.)

Bids are due by the end of September. We will select a host by the
conclusion of NCA. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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