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JP Lacy lacyjp
Wed Aug 26 22:38:37 CDT 2009

I'm in the process of revamping opencaselist.wikispaces.com. The entire 
wiki will soon be a blank slate. When I'm done, we will be able to 
organize things efficiently & be able to search this upcoming year alone 
without hassle.

All older information is now archived at archivedcaselist.wikispaces.com

I'm in the process of deleting old info from opencaselist. This profess 
is time consuming because the infrastructure we use at wikispaces.com 
only lets you delete one page at a time.

Please, please, please! Do not create individual team pages per tournament!

Instead use the basics below. They make the entire wiki far more usable.

*1. Add all you want. Delete nothing. Corrections should be noted in 
subsequent additions.
2. Page organization:*

    * Each school gets a page.
    * Each team gets an aff page and a neg page.
    * Teams are arranged alphabetically with their newest information first.
    * Use "*[*[toc]*]*" (without the asterisks or quotation marks) at
      the top of each page to make the page automatically generate a
      table of contents based on heading levels.
    * Use heading 2 to list the specific team name (preferably not just
    * Use heading 3 to specify the round/tournament
    * Use normal for other text.

*3. Include all contextual information:*

    * Team
    * Side
    * Opponent
    * Tournament & Round
    * Judge


-- JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

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