[eDebate] Free Agent Coach.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Aug 27 12:09:51 CDT 2009

Do you need a debate coach? I'll do it and I am good at it.

Are you an individual, group of students, or team that needs some additional
coaching? If so get in touch and maybe we can work something out.

I need to get about $600-$1000 a month from doing this, you need not pay the
whole thing, let me know what you can pay, and we can work out what level of
coaching that is.

I don't need an official coaching job paid for by a university or a high
school, a student or group of students, or a coach as an individual can also
secure my services.

I can coach High School, College, Parli or Policy, If you are nearby ill
commute, if not i'll effectively telecommute.

Get in touch and we will discuss.
PS-In light of Gordon Mitchell's recent response to a call for a card
cutter...My debate pedagogy has and always will be student centered, my goal
is to help students develop the skills to create their own arguments, I
don't think either free-agency or telecoaching changes that.
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