[eDebate] Opencaselist: Now a blank slate

JP Lacy lacyjp
Thu Aug 27 21:53:11 CDT 2009

Opencaselist.wikispaces.com is now a blank slate. Previous info is now 
at archivedcaselist.wikispaces.com

Please add all the content you want.

Once again, if you are setting up for a tournament, or just adding info, 
please, please follow the guidelines below!

-- JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

Please, please, please! Do not create individual team pages per tournament!

Instead, use the basics below. They make the entire wiki far more usable.

*1. Add all you want. Delete nothing. Corrections should be noted in 
subsequent additions.
2. Page organization:*

    * Each school gets a page.
    * Each team gets an aff page and a neg page.
    * Teams are arranged alphabetically with their newest information first.
    * Use "*[*[toc]*]*" (without the asterisks or quotation marks) at
      the top of each page to make the page automatically generate a
      table of contents based on heading levels.
    * Use heading 2 to list the specific team name (preferably not just
    * Use heading 3 to specify the round/tournament
    * Use normal for other text.

*3. Include all contextual information:*

    * Team
    * Side
    * Opponent
    * Tournament & Round
    * Judge

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