[eDebate] Seeking Coach: Berkeley High

Beth Schueler schuelbe
Fri Aug 28 15:51:34 CDT 2009

Hello all,

A few years ago I helped to get a small policy debate team going at Berkeley
High School. Thad Blank helped them last year after I left the Bay Area. The
kids are in need of a 2009-2010 coach and I'm writing to ask if anyone would
be interested in getting involved. The budget is not huge, but we can work
with you to arrange a stipend.

This is a small group (usually 2 - 3 teams attend tournaments), but the
potential definitely exists to create a larger program depending on your
interest. A few of the team members have been to camp at UC Berkeley. They
have attended mostly regional, but also local national tournaments (Berkeley
& Stanford). They are really positive, enthused, intelligent kids who are
committed to debate, but are also interested in pursuing other high school
activities. They're hoping for lunchtime or after-school coaching/ practice
debates and/or judging and coaching at weekend tournaments. They're flexible
and will work around your other commitments.

If you are interested or have any brainstorms please shoot me a line. Feel
free to forward as well!


Beth Schueler (Whitman 2005)
schuelbe at gmail.com
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