[eDebate] Daryl Burch joins Capitol Debate as New Head Coach

Mike Wascher miwascher
Wed Aug 5 13:22:11 CDT 2009

Although I have known of Daryl for some time based on his work with duPont
Manual in Louisville, this summer I worked at the Capitol Classic debate
camp and got to know Daryl as a coach and now a friend.

Debaters from Howard County schools and Capitol Debate are very fortunate to
have a very competent coach and a even greater person in charge.

Mike Wascher

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Subject: [eDebate] Daryl Burch joins Capitol Debate as New Head Coach
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    Capitol Debate is pleased to announce that Daryl Burch has been hired as
the full time coach of the Howard County Debate Teams and the McDonogh
School.  He will be leading up the consortium of debate teams in Howard
County traveling nationally this year including Centennial, River Hill,
Glenelg, Mt. Hebron, Oakland Mills, Wilde Lake, and Howard High School. 
The Howard County national travel team will have 42 debaters traveling
nationally under Daryl Burch to Wake Forest, GDS, Bronx, Capitol Debate
Fall Classic, Glenbrooks, Ohio Valley, MBA, Emory, Pennsbury, Harvard,
Lakeland, Woodward Nationals, NDCA and others.

Ronald Bratt

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