[eDebate] University of Northern Iowa welcomes Rich Tews!

Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Wed Aug 5 17:42:04 CDT 2009

We are pleased to announce that after a competitive search, we have hired Rich Tews as the new Director of Debate at UNI. Rich comes to us after 5 excellent years of coaching at Weber and 2 at Miami University. Rich will bring a lot to our program, and I'm looking forward to working with him again. Cate and Rich are working together right now to facilitate our leadership transition to Rich as our debate director. I'm very appreciative of Cate's contributions and advocacy of our program at UNI. As I have transitioned into my role as DOF this past year, it was incredibly helpful to have a person who was such a wonderful resource on staff. 

Rich and I look forward to hosting many of you when you attend our tournament next month! :)

All the best,

Katherine L. Lavelle

Director of Forensics
University of Northern Iowa 

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