[eDebate] 54th Annual George R. R. Pflaum Debate Tournament Invitation

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The code for the block of rooms we have at the Guesthouse is actually kg0000?? (those are all zeros).? You should also be able to just tell them Emporia State Debate Tournament as well but have the code just in case.

Sorry about any confusion,


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*New Tournament Hotel ? We?ll be using the Guesthouse Inn as our tournament hotel this year.? We have reserved a block of 35 rooms and can get more if that fills up quickly (thus, it would help everyone out if you make reservations quickly).? It?s a bigger hotel than the Holiday Inn or Fairfield with more accommodations (atrium, bar, etc.).? A few folks who have stayed there in the past have told me that they very much enjoyed their stay so I hope others will as well.? Again, if that block fills-up quickly, I can get plenty of extra rooms so please let me know.

*No Novice Division Initially ? I support novice debate and think watching someone come in with no previous experience and having them develop is one of the greatest feelings one can have as a coach.? And it is for that reason we will not be offering a novice division, at least initially, this year.? In the past few years, we?ve tried to have a novice division that didn?t make and was collapsed into JV.? I think this is a terrifying experience for novices who find out their division is collapsing three days before the tournament and I feel terrible every year I do it.? Thus, if you have novices that you wou

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