[eDebate] Wake Shirley Tournament Dates 11/20 - 11/23

JP Lacy lacyjp
Fri Aug 14 23:21:16 CDT 2009

JP Lacy wrote:
> We will hold the 2009 Franklin R. Shirley Classic on Friday, November 
> 20, 2009 through Monday, November 23, 2009, with prelim debates on 
> Saturday & Sunday, & elims on Monday the 23rd.
> I hope you all can be there!
> The Shirley is the first time of the year that tons of us can be 
> together: So, we're definitely planning a memorial & celebration of 
> the life of Ross Smith.
> The tournament won't be the same without Ross, but we will run on 
> time, there will be coffee, Krispy Kreme, bagels, scouting & a 
> Survivor's Party.
> Full invitation, schedule & hotel details will be available as soon as 
> we work out the details.
> We will maintain the same entry limitations as last year:
> Entries of two teams per school will be accepted until the entry 
> deadline on a first come, first served basis until we have reached our 
> 150 team limit (this limit is necessary due to classroom and other 
> facility limitations). [Last year, our entry deadline was about 3 
> weeks before the tournament. I plan to maintain a workable deadline 
> that gives squads time to enter while giving 3rd & 4th teams enough 
> time to qualify.]
> Schools may apply for more teams by adding them to the waitlist 
> subject to the following:
> As space permits, we will take additional teams, up to a total of four 
> teams per school, as long as ALL THREE OR FOUR teams have cleared to 
> elims in TWO varsity tournaments this fall. If both debaters on the 
> team EITHER cleared twice this fall OR qualified for NDT in the past 
> OR reached elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals in the past, the team 
> is considered to have met the "cleared twice" requirement. No fourth 
> team from a school will be accepted until all eligible third teams 
> from other schools have been accepted.
> Many of you have questions about how many preliminary debates we plan 
> to hold. We haven't decided yet. Please feel free to share your 
> thoughts with me or any other member of the Wake staff!
> See y'all soon!
> -- JP Lacy
> lacyjp at wfu.edu

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