[eDebate] Wake Shirley Tournament Dates 11/20 - 11/23

JP Lacy lacyjp
Fri Aug 14 23:25:30 CDT 2009

We will hold the 2009 Franklin R. Shirley Classic on Friday, November 
20, 2009 through Monday, November 23, 2009, with prelim debates on 
Saturday & Sunday, & elims on Monday the 23rd.

I hope you all can be there!

The Shirley is the first time of the year that tons of us can be 
together: So, we're definitely planning a memorial & celebration of the 
life of Ross Smith.

The tournament won't be the same without Ross, but we will run on time, 
there will be coffee, Krispy Kreme, bagels, scouting & a Survivor's Party.

Full invitation, schedule & hotel details will be available as soon as 
we work out the details.

We will maintain the same entry limitations as last year:

Entries of two teams per school will be accepted until the entry 
deadline on a first come, first served basis until we have reached our 
150 team limit (this limit is necessary due to classroom and other 
facility limitations). [Last year, our entry deadline was about 3 weeks 
before the tournament. I plan to maintain a workable deadline that gives 
squads time to enter while giving 3rd & 4th teams enough time to qualify.]

Schools may apply for more teams by adding them to the waitlist subject 
to the following:
As space permits, we will take additional teams, up to a total of four 
teams per school, as long as ALL THREE OR FOUR teams have cleared to 
elims in TWO varsity tournaments this fall. If both debaters on the team 
EITHER cleared twice this fall OR qualified for NDT in the past OR 
reached elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals in the past, the team is 
considered to have met the "cleared twice" requirement. No fourth team 
from a school will be accepted until all eligible third teams from other 
schools have been accepted.

Many of you have questions about how many preliminary debates we plan to 
hold. We haven't decided yet. Please feel free to share your thoughts 
with me or any other member of the Wake staff!

See y'all soon!

-- JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

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