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Even if it is not a "service"--thanks for your input and help JP!? 

Echoing DeLo, the wiki has been enormously beneficial for most everyone I would assume.? 

That being said, I would love to see people upload more CORRECT citations.? There are a few schools who's pages regularly contained incorrect/incomplete citations---and it took two months to retrieve the actual cite (which wasn't even close to the one posted) via email.? Something that would help here is more attention to keywords/text samples.? Most people enter the first few word of the card and the last few (which is important for context).? However, this could easily tell you nothing...unique phrases and words make things much easier...including one of these inside the 1st and last words should make everything pretty easy? to find.

Everyone gets busy and sometimes we all probably take down cites sloppily at times.? However, I would very much like to see more information (article title, date accessed, host/organization web site?)

Finally--put full cites on your cards!? With templates and the wonders of point and click, full cites take no time at all...the wiki can't be better until more people start using more complete citations. 

Good Luck to everyone at the season openers!

W. James Taylor ("JT")

Clinical Instructor

Asst. Debate Coach

Emporia State University

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I appreciate DeLo's words.

But, the caselist isn't a service. Its a wiki. We all own it. Right now, 
Andrea Reed & I are deleting old stuff so the wiki will be fresh for the 
upcoming season. If you can help with that, let me know & I'll give you 
the appropriate permissions.

Since the wiki was established, I've thought that trading cites was 
silly. Withholding cites from the public while sharing them with friends 
seems elitist & counterproductive to the goal of "better debate." I 
don't think cites should be seen as commodities to be traded.

So, if someone asks you for cites, stick them on the wiki. Ask them to 
do the same for cites of theirs you want.

-- JP

Brian DeLong wrote:
> I'm sending a warm shout-out to Lacy for (re)-setting up this 
> wonderful service.? Thanks friend.
> As a side note, to you people out there who know who you are, I am 
> dumfounded by some tournaments and debater's failure/lack of use of 
> this case-list,? "Back-channeling" cite requests is such a waste of 
> time these days.? If you post your citations on the wiki after each 
> tournament you won't be hassled by other teams to email your 
> information.? Full citations and even a taste of the text of the card 
> would also be helpful.
> But then again, "you can't always get what you want."
> On Aug 26, 2009, at 10:38 PM, JP Lacy wrote:
>> archivedcaselist.wikispaces.com

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