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Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Thu Aug 27 12:17:12 CDT 2009

I've never heard a coherent argument against a norm to post full text
instead of first and last words.  This feature of the current system seems
designed  to generate inefficiencies through almost petulant opacity.
(FINE, I'll give you the card, but I'll make it harder for you to find -

If you think that this sort of info sharing is generally bad, I strongly
disagree, but I respect your position.

If you think that we should share but deliberately increase raw labor - not
smart labor - I wish that you would explain further, because I'm just
baffled by the half-life of this convention.  From an evolutionary
perspective, it seems vestigial.

I mention this now because people are complaining about errors, improper
citations and slow turnaround.  While some individuals are probably lazy, it
makes more sense to view this problem as systemic.

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