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For the time being, can we all just agree to encourage a little more text or and unique key words?

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Amen, I know people who say the only way they competed in college at all was because of shared scouting....

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 12:21 AM, JP Lacy <lacyjp at wfu.edu> wrote:

If all you've got is a retag of Wake's new aff, you are toast. You'll
probably last longer with Georgetown's disads.

Good arguments *should* be "free-ridden."

Its called argument development. With shared scouting, everyone has a
decent opportunity to engage in it.

-- JP

scottelliott at grandecom.net wrote:

> I agree with Michael. Please post all of your work in complete form to
> Wiki. I hate this topic and have plenty of other things to do that
> would be better than cutting detterence good cards. If you post your

> complete work sets, I can simply cut and paste them into new
> positions. It saves me a lot of work and needless duplication of my
> effort. I will post all of my original work too...but, oh, wait, all

> my original work is just a careful retagging of Georgtown's disads and
> Wake's new affirmative. I am sure you will all be grateful for the new
> tags though. Thank you all in advance for spending hundreds of hours

> to build my files on this topic.
> Scott
> (for the obtuse is is a paradoy of a common problem called the "free
> rider." I love nothing more than hearing a disad that I spent 40 hours

> developing being run by another team in a round as if it were their
> own...within 24 hours of the disad being broken.)
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