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Timothy Sheaff, director of the Dowling invitational, has certified the 2009
TOC qualifiers. Dowling is a TOC qualifier in both Policy and LD at the
semifinals level and in Public Forum at the octas level.


    Robin Gray and Sasha Sabherwal, Fullerton Union (CA)
    Will Thibeau and Richard Day, Glenbrook South (IL)
    Sharon Kahn and David Peterson, Cedar Rapids Washington (IA)
    Noah Rosenthal and Krishnan Ramanujan, Wayzata (MN)


    Christian Keil, Lakeville South (MN)
    Ross Brown, WDM Valley (IA)
    Tom Caruso, Lakeville North (MN)
    Catherine Tarsney, St Louis Park (MN)

    Taylor Ulrich and Becky Weber, Watertown (SD)
    Thad Titze and Jacob Carter, Watertown (SD)
    Matt Starkston and Michael Witt, Desert Vista (AZ)
    Greg Hietala and Haani Jafri, Desert Vista (AZ)
    Mike Graham and Alex Noot, The Blake School (MN)
    Charles Chen and Jake Heidelk, Lincoln Southwest (NE)
    Kaitlyn Steinacher and Alex Janssen, Lincoln Southwest (NE)
    Patrick Diamitani and Kate Munson, Iowa City-West (IA)
    Klayton Hiland and Conor Shields, Iowa City-West (IA)
    Reid Brown and Natalie Radia, West Des Moines-Valley (IA)
    Gracie Brandsgard and Molly Fallon, West Des Moines-Valley (IA)
    Chris Harrington and Sam Shephard, Park Hill South (MO)
    Chris Johnson and Alex Meyers, Park Hill South (MO)
    Parker Viers and Gabe Luna, Park Hill South (MO)
    Dillon Cassidy and Wyatt Hoffman, Park Hill South (MO)
    Matt Reisner and Jessie Ede, Indianola (IA)


Linda Oddo, director of the New Trier Season Opener, has certified the
2009TOC qualifiers. New Trier is a TOC qualifier in Policy at the


   Chris Power & Katryna Cadle, Bishop Guertin, NH
   Will Thibeau & Richard Day, Glenbrook South, IL
   Craig Smyser & Layne Kirshon, Kinkaid, TX
   Hao Shen & Apoorv Kumar, Lexington, MA
   Debbie Oh & Vinay Sridharan, Glenbrook North, IL
   Colin Quinn & Alec Zimmer, Glenbrook South, IL
   Phil Sailer & Stacy Kapustina, Glenbrook South, IL
   John Beard & Ogi Zugic, Wayzata, IL


Adam Symonds, director of the Arizona State University invitational, has
certified the 2009 TOC qualifiers. Arizona State is a TOC qualifier in
bothPolicy and LD at the finals level and in Public Forum at the quarters


    Ryan Michels & Zane Waxman, Brophy College Prep, AZ
    Christos Makridis & Peter Mardian, Brophy College Prep, AZ
    *Ryan Hunt & Riley Lochner, La Costa Canyon, CA


    Xi Lin, Desert Vista High School, AZ
    Amanda Signorelli, The Meadows School, NV


    Scott Franz & Nick Petsas, Brophy College Prep, AZ
    Ryan Johnson & Kyle Underseth, Brophy College Prep, AZ
    Matt Starkston & Mike Witt, Desert Vista High School, AZ
    Amrut Chowdhury & Alisa Parlan, Desert Vista High School, AZ
    Alex Daniel & Michael Ferrante, Dobson High School, AZ
    Justin Bever & Veekas Shrivastav, McClintock High School, AZ
    Natalie Brisighella & Brooke Siler, Sky View High School, UT
    Dixon Barton & Bemhamin Stevens, Sky View High School, UT

JW Patterson
TOC Founder

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