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We would like to sincerely thank all those who attended.  If you missed it, you missed great competition, pastelitos, carribean lunch, salsa lessons and more.  We hope you will join us next year!

Novice Quarterfinal Round Results
Vanderbilt CG advances without debating
Vanderbilt OW advances without debating
Wisconsin-Oshkosh BV advances without debating
South Florida St. Pete BT (aff) defeated Southern Methodist MR, 2-1  Cusick, *Silber, Mader

Semifinal Round Results
Vanderbilt CG (Neg) defeated South Florida St. Pete BT, 3-0 Quenette, Roubidoux, Kish
Vanderbilt OW (Aff) defeated Wisconsin-Oshkosh BV, 2-1 Izquierdo, Becky Bowers, *Steinberg

Final Round Results
Vanderbilt OW & Vanderbilt CG

Open Quarterfinal Round Results
Florida MR advances without debating
Wake Forest BM advances without debating
US Naval Academy PS advances without debating
Vanderbilt AW (Aff) defeated Florida ST, 3-0 Voth, McCaffrey, Izquierdo

Semifinal Round Results
Florida MR (Aff) defeated Vanderbilt AW, 2-1 Ross Smith, Verney-O, *J. Bowers
Wake Forest BM(Aff) defeated US Naval Academy PS, 3-0 McCaffrey, Silber, Cusick

Final Round Results
Florida MR (Aff) defeated Wake Forest BM, 3-0 Izquierdo, Mader, Querido

Top Speakers, Novice
1. Anne Gabriel, Vandy
2. Marissa Custren, Vandy
3. Tim O'Connor, Vandy
4. Brittany Smith, USF-SP
5. Robert Forman, USF-SP

Top Speakers, Open
1. Francisco Bencosme, Wake
2. Jordan Moliver, Florida
3. Kyle Robish, Florida
4. Josh Palacios, USNA
5. Brian Abrams, Vandy

Top JV Team
Bard BE

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Go Canes!

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