[eDebate] Announcement: Another Community Member!

Bary Hausrath baryhausrath
Wed Feb 4 14:39:52 CST 2009

Wesley T. Kuswa landed on earth through the labors of Michelle Gajda  
and support from Kevin Kuswa.  Born Jan 30th at almost 9 pounds and  
21.5 inches, Wesley and parents are doing well.  Debate nation has a  
new member-- he is currently a little more concerned with light shapes  
and the feeling of a good poop than with efficiency in the 1AR,  but  
he'll get there.


Bary Hausrath
804-426-1785 (M)
bary at rknappesq.com (work)
baryhausrath at me.com or
baryhausrath at gmail.com (personal)

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