[eDebate] Eligibility Documents for CEDA

Darren Elliott delliott
Wed Feb 4 22:47:23 CST 2009

If you are planning to attend the CEDA National Tournament, there is not really an official "form" that has ever existed in any capacity.  A couple of you have looked for it on the website.  Here is what you should do:

Get from your Admissions or Registrars office a simple document with your name, school name, and names of all debaters you may plan to bring (even last minute subs).  List their names on the document.  Have the Registrar/Admissions Rep review the names, sign the form, date it, and attach your University/College Seal.  Mail those documents to me by the postmark date in the invitation.  It can be very similar to what you mail Tim O'Donnell for NDT purposes.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CEDA ELIGIBILITY LANGUAGE APPEARS ON THE DOCUMENT.  It is below in quotes.  Following that is a sample form I use for NDT, CEDA, and PRP.

"officially enrolled undergraduate students in good standing at the college or university they represent in competition"

CEDA allows each member institution to define what "good standing" means.

Also remember, if a student has already earned their undergraduate degree, they may still compete at CEDA if they earned that degree in the time block which CEDA occurs.


TO: Tim O'Donnell--NDT   Darren Elliott--CEDA

FROM:  Darren Elliott--KCKCC

The following list of students are officially enrolled undergraduate students in good standing at KCKCC during the Spring 2009 semester.

Malcolm Russell
Jason Gordon
Jeff Petit
Louie Jarman
Scott Ellis
Andy Elliott

Signature of Registrar/Admissions Official_______________________


Official College/University Seal below:

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