[eDebate] Jews in Debate - Northwestern Tournament

Caroline Brandt caroline.brandt
Thu Feb 5 14:17:24 CST 2009

Hi everyone

I'm writing my senior thesis in cultural geography on Jews in the home.

Many Jews in a America find compromise between the demands of Judaism and
the constraints of a secular/Christian social landscape by choosing to eat
in accordance with certain dietary restrictions in the home, but also follow
a separate set of guidelines for outside of the home; separating meat from
milk when at home, but allowing yourself to eat a cheeseburger at a
restaurant would be one example.

If you follow a particular set of dietary guidelines, but give yourself more
flexibility outside of the home, or how you were raised in this fashion, I
would really appreciate the opportunity to interview you for my thesis
sometime towards the end of the tournament. I have to fill an interview
quota and it would be very much appreciated.

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