[eDebate] Remaining Prefs - Deadline approaching

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Fri Feb 6 09:58:18 CST 2009

8 teams still have prefs to complete.  The deadline is in 4 hours.  At that point, rounds 1-4 will be paired.  If you want prefs to be active for presets, complete them ASAP.
If you don't intend to complete prefs, just drop me a line to confirm.
UCLA Seth Dandridge & Amara Larpthaveesarp 54
Binghamton Maryam Belly & Matthew Torsiello 0
Binghamton Tansy Woan & Peter Fountain 0
Denver Tyler Warner & David Milavetz 0
George Mason Univers Emily Owens & Janna Reynolds 0
Southern California Marilyn Katzman & Dayton Thorpe 0
Texas Jishnu Guha-Majumdar & Nick Whitaker 0
Wayne State Universi Alex Pasquinelli & Sydney Pasquinelli 0
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