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Alexander Lennon ALennon
Mon Feb 9 13:03:48 CST 2009

The William J. Taylor, Jr. Internship


The 13th Annual William J. Taylor internship recognizes the outstanding
training intercollegiate debate gives students by reserving one
internship annually at CSIS, exclusively for a college debater.


Eligibility: Applications are due March 1, 2009. Candidates for the
award must currently be undergraduate (including seniors graduating this
year) policy debaters.  Major field(s) of study should be related to
international affairs.  Applicants are expected to have strong writing
skills, an exemplary debate record, an interest in international
affairs, strong communications skills, as well as demonstrated
leadership potential and maturity.


Application:  Simply submit a cover letter and resume (which would
include some indication of your debate record, specifically whether you
expect to receive a first-round or not) by March 1 to:


Alex Lennon

Editor-in-Chief, The Washington Quarterly

Senior Fellow, International Security Policy


E-mail applications are preferred at alennon at csis.org 


Recommendations from coaches and short (no more than 3 page) writing
samples are welcome but not required.


About Dr. Taylor: Dr. William J. Taylor was the senior vice president
for international security affairs at CSIS until 1999.  He was a
professor and director of national security studies as well as the
director of debate at West Point.  Dr. Taylor was responsible for
bringing many debaters to CSIS--including Mike Mazarr, the 1986 NDT
finalist from Georgetown and former editor of The Washington Quarterly;
and Alex Lennon, 1990 NDT champion from Harvard and current
editor-in-chief of TWQ.  


Previous recipients of the award include:


2008 Seth Jones, USC

2007 Jessica Yeats, Idaho State University

2006 Josh Branson, Northwestern University

2005 Victoria Suarez Palomo, Emory University

2004 Nirav Patel, North Texas State University

2003 Shawn Powers, University of Georgia

2002 Austin Carson, Michigan State University

2001 Andrew Peterson, University of Iowa

2000 Mike Horowitz, Emory University

1999 Chris McIntosh, University of Georgia

1998 Corey Stoughton, University of Michigan

1997 Kelly Dunbar, Baylor University

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