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Sarah Partlow sarahtp73
Tue Feb 10 13:21:40 CST 2009

Hi Everyone!

We know this is a busy time for all, but there are some important
updates for CEDA Nationals hotel items. The community has reserved
most of the primary block at the Red Lion River Inn. They still have
kings available, but if you need double beds you should contact the
Best Western Cotton Tree. They have made available a block of 60
double bed rooms. They are working on a link to register on-line.
However, please start making your reservations today.

The Best Western is within walking distance (4-5 minutes) of the Red
Lion (which will house the opening awards as well as the last day of
elimination rounds). This area is also serviced by our daily shuttles
to campus. They also offer free wireless internet and hot breakfast.
People may call 208-237-7650 to make reservations under "CEDA".? If
there are any problems, Mike is the contact.? The block expires March
1, but we it will likely fill before that date.

Please do not contact the Holiday Inn. They are also out of
non-smoking doubles at this point.

We are working hard to control costs for this tournament and we
encourage you to minimize your car rentals and look into the airport
shuttling we have suggested. If you are facing extreme financial
situations, please contact us and we can help you make alternate
rooming arrangements.


Sarah Partlow Lefevre

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