[eDebate] Is Whitman's "Paperless Debate" Environmentally Friendly?

bryce dietrich brycedietrich
Sun Feb 15 14:01:49 CST 2009

Hey All-

It was a slow day for college and NBA basketball today, so I decided to provide an answer to a question that I raised during the course of the Northwestern Debate Tournament. The question is essentially this, "Is Whitman's Paperless Debate Envrionmentally Friendly?" The answer I found, was yes, but not to such an extent that the debate community should begin to move towards such an end. In fact, based on my estimate, one Whitman team (Whitman GR) has decreased the annual amount of CO2 released by the United States by 0.000000006% by using a laptop to flow instead of paper. The details of this estimate and other interesting facts are posted on my website at: 



Bryce J. Dietrich
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
UMKC Debate (2000-2004)

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