[eDebate] Fw: Job Posting In Southeast Asia

Aaron Hardy spoon_22
Tue Feb 17 16:50:00 CST 2009

Some of you might remember former Whitman debater Matt Schissler -- he's 
  spent the last several years in Thailand doing some very cool work 
with a human rights organization -- he's asked me to post the following 
job opening...questions should be directed to him, his email is at the 

Hardy -
Can you forward this to edebate for me?

Thailand-based exile-media group and human rights documentation 
organization seek writer/researcher/copy-editor. Both organizations 
primarily deal with the human rights and political situation on Burma's 
southern peninsula and along its eastern border with Thailand.

The position entails copy-editing daily news stories and longer monthly 
human rights situation reports written by Burmese reporters and field 
researchers. Depending on the individual experience of local staff, 
"copy editing" will mean providing feedback, guiding research and 
writing from scratch based on translated notes. Extreme flexibility is 
also available for web and print publishing of stories written by 
western staff.

The position can be filled as early as May and no later than the end of 
June. Duration is negotiable, but no less than 3 months.

Preference will be given to applicants with journalism experience and an 
understanding of Burmese politics/history. Such criteria is by no means 
a requirement, however, and I'm sending this to edebate because I'm 
confident the skill-set produced by policy debate offers credible 
preparation for the work.

Compensation, unfortunately, will be quite low - your visa costs, food 
and lodging will be paid for. Beyond that, things like discretionary 
spending and airfare will not be covered. Living expenses in the area 
are next to nothing, however, and you can live extremely comfortably 
here on an additional $150 a month. You will also be working in an 
interesting, fast-paced environment and living in an amazing, beautiful 
place. And you will be doing something incredibly worthwhile, and much 
better for your resume than anything back in the U.S.

Resume + cover letter or questions should be directed to 
jabletroph at gmail.com

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