[eDebate] Second Round Application Fees

Sherry Hall shahall
Tue Feb 17 19:48:25 CST 2009

Hi All --

This is a reminder that if you want to apply for a second round, you must submit a $50.00 payment.  The district chairs are ready to collect money from teams at the district tournament that are planning to apply.  If you pay them, they will send me a list of who has paid and you will have no problem getting your payment in by the deadline.  If you are not planning to go to districts, you should pay me directly by sending me a check, made payable to the National Debate Tournament, to 324 Franklin St. Cambridge, MA, 02139.

Please note that if your distict is the later weekend this year, the second round applications are due the Monday after districts instead of the following Thursday.  It would therefore be best for you to pay your money to your district chair.

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