[eDebate] GSU district 6 tournament

David Trigaux jddtfl
Wed Feb 18 22:29:38 CST 2009

Hello--My name is David Trigaux, from the new 
program at USF St. Petersburg. We are currently attending our fourth tournament 
ever, the District 6 regional tournament, but have run into a snag--our coaches, 
Jeremy and Becky Bowers, have not been able to get off work for the tournament. 
Due to the newness of our program, we don't exactly have a deep judge pool, and 
it has been exhausted.(we have run into additional issues, because the local 
high school league is having their grand finals CFL tournament the same weekend, 
and all local qualified judges have committed to that tournament)
Are there any extra rounds that anyone would be 
willing help us out with??If we have an opportunity,?we'd be glad to help out 
next year. 
my email is jddtfl at yahoo.com, please let me know if there 
are any rounds available for this tournament. we have three teams attending, 9 
rounds to cover. 
thanks so much,
David Trigaux, President of USFSP 

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