[eDebate] Russia Topic Paper Help Needed

Steve Mancuso spmancuso
Fri Feb 20 13:49:03 CST 2009

Over the next few weeks I'm
going to be writing a paper for the Topic Committee on the issue of
US-Russia policy.? I'm looking for help from anyone interested - coach
or student.? Right now, what I need mostly is help (a) researching and
(b) brainstorming.? I'm not at the writing stage yet, but may need help
with that later. 

The work that I've done so far indicates this is a very promising area.? 

If you are sick of obsessing over Alex Rodriguez' past PED use and are
seriously interested in helping me with this please email me at: spmancuso at aol.com.?
You don't have to make a major time commitment, even a few hours of
research could potentially be very valuable to this project.? 


Steve Mancuso

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