[eDebate] D9 pairings 1 through 3

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Feb 20 23:21:39 CST 2009

Strike cards will be distributed at 8:00 AM   

 Round 1        
    ISU JM        Wyoming AP    310
    Wyoming BH    Weber AD    333
    Denver MW    ISU BD        335
    Weber BR    UNLV MM        379
    UNLV CE        Bye

    Round 2        
    Wyoming AP    Weber BR    379
    UNLV MM        ISU JM        310
    Weber AD    UNLV CE        335
    ISU BD        Wyoming BH    333
    Denver MW    BYE

    Round 3        
    Denver MW    ISU JM        333
    ISU BD        Wyoming AP    379
    Weber AD    UNLV MM        310
    UNLV CE        Weber BR    375
    Wyoming BH    BYE

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