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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Sat Feb 21 10:41:45 CST 2009

With 40 days left, there are already 64 teams from the USA and Canada, 
Israel, Slovenia, China and England. Many more coming. We expect to have 
well over 100 teams.

These individuals will:
Design and stage debater briefing and judge training.
Design and stage adjudicator test and marking of a sample debate, using 
this data to rank judges for placement.
Draw up motions for the tournament.
Evaluate debater and judge feedback on judges, influencing judge placement.
Determine breaking judges for elimination rounds.

 From http://debate.uvm.edu/debateblog/usu/About_Us.html

Neill Harvey-Smith is proud to announce his core for administering US 
Universities National Debating Championship to be held at the University 
of Vermont 3-5 April 2009. The International Debate Education 
Association is the major sponsor of this event.


Neill is a former World Championship grand finalist and won the John 
Smith Memorial Mace in England & Wales and Scotland. He was Chair of the 
Grand Final at the 2004 World Debating Championships in Singapore, 
having previously adjudicated the Grand Finals of Worlds, the European 
Championships, the International Mace. As a student he won around 25 
inter-varsity debating competitions. He is also the current President of 
the World Debating Council.


Steve has been involved in debate since he was 15 years old, 
participating in high school policy debate in the great state of Texas. 
He attended Texas A&M University and helped to found their NPDA program. 
Steve became the Director of Debate at A&M Consolidated High School 
after graduation where his students achieved success in Lincoln-Douglas 
and Cross-examination style debating at the state and national level, 
qualifying for the TOC and winning the Texas state championship in cross 
examination debate. Steve served as assistant debate coach at the 
University of Rochester where in 2001 the team took first in the NDT 
sweepstakes rankings. He has also worked as an assistant coach at the 
University of Pittsburgh, and as a faculty member at the World Debate 
Institute at the University of Vermont. He is currently an Assistant 
Professor and Director of Debate at St. John?s University in New York 
City. He was recently the Chief Adjudicator at the Cornell Debate 
Tournament. Steve recently staged the first debate ever held in a 
virtual reality, Second Life.


Professor Ian T. Lising is the co-author of the World University 
Debating Championships Adjudication Guide and Member Emeritus of the 
World Universities Debating Council. He was the co-Founder, Chair and 
Coach of the Ateneo Debate Society (Ateneo de Manila University, 
Philippines). Since 1999, Ian continues to serve as the Director of 
Forensics and Faculty of the Speech Communication Department at the 
University of La Verne. He has coached both the Ateneo and La Verne at 
the WUDC. His teams have become World Octofinalists, Quarterfinalists, 
Semifinalists, and Grand Finalists.
He is a six-time Grand Finals Adjudicator at the World University 
Debating Championships (WUDC). He has also judged finals of the 
Australasian Debating Championships, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, CUSID B.P. 
National, U.S. Universities, and All-Asian Debating Championships. Ian 
served as the Chair of the World Debating Council from 2002-2008.


Beth Conner received a First in English from the University of St 
Andrews and is currently studying law at City University in London. She 
is a Worlds Masters finalist and has made the finals of 10 IVs in the UK 
and Ireland, including the Scottish Mace final 2008. As a judge, she 
broke at Worlds in 2009, judged the final of the World Universities 
Peace Invitational Debate, the final of the Bar Council of Malaysia 
Human Rights Debate 2009 and the semi- final of the English Mace.


Since becoming Director of Forensics at CSU San Bernardino in 1990, J. 
Scott Rodriguez has coached teams that have attended both the 
Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA) National Championship 
Tournament and the National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA) 
National Championship Tournament, and was among those selected to judge 
in the late elimination rounds at both of these organizations' premier 
annual events. Since Dublin Worlds 2006, the CSUSB squad has converted 
to Worlds Format, and have been represented in Dublin, Vancouver, 
Bangkok and Cork. In July, 2007, Rodriguez became the first American 
debate instructor ever to lead a delegation of US debaters to the 
Australasian Championship Tournament, hosted by UT Mara in Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaysia. In recent years, Rodriguez has also judged at USU Nationals, 
CUSID BP Nationals, the FLTRP Cup in Beijing, China and the Koc 
University 2008 Invitational in Istanbul, Turkey.


Alfred C. Snider is the Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics at the 
University of Vermont. He has degrees from Brown University, Emerson 
College, and the University of Kansas. He teaches courses in debate, 
argumentation, persuasion and rhetorical analysis. He is the Director of 
the World Debate Institute and the Lawrence Debate Union.
Dr. Snider has spent the last thirty-six years promoting debate and 
critical communication as an alternative to violence and conflict as 
well as a method for achieving real democracy and a true civil society. 
He has done formal debate training in twenty-seven countries and has 
trained debaters from over thirty-five nations at the World Debate 
Institute?s sessions in the USA, Korea and Slovenia. He has directed the 
debate program at international conferences in Turkey, Estonia and 
Slovenia attended by scholars from over thirty-five nations.
Dr. Snider has received every major award given to debate educators in 
the USA, including the Pelham Coach of the Year award, the Don Brownlee 
Service to Debate award, the Ziegelmueller Debate Coaching award, the 
Slappey Diversity in Debate award, the Douglas Dedication to Debate 
award and the Jacobsohn Service to Debate award. His work in promoting 
debate has also brought him awards from Emory University, the University 
of Utah, Cornell University, Binghamton University, the University of 
South Carolina as well as from the National Forensic League and the 
Cross Examination Debate Association. In the last eight years he has 
been very active in WUDC/BP format debate activities, and has six times 
been the training director at the International Debate Academy held in 
Europe in that format.
Dr. Snider had published five books on debating in the last five years 
and during his career has edited or written over fifty volumes about 
debating and for debaters. He is the host of the television program 
Flashpoint that has over three hundred and seventy episodes and deals 
with political and social issues. He was named 2008 Director of the Year 
by Vermont Community Access Media for his work on this program. He 
maintains one of the world?s busiest debate websites, Debate Central 
(http://debate.uvm.edu), and is the editor of Global Debate 
(http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com ). He has pioneered using the 
Internet and new media for debating.

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