[eDebate] Mardi Gras Round 3 Pairing

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat Feb 21 16:00:15 CST 2009

Mid-Way through Round 3 at 4pm local time.  Will be out of day 1 by 5pm, after starting at 9am.  Leisurely walk to the parade for lunch, then over to an excellent lunch, leisurely walk back, plenty of prep time before the round.  Out in time for fun and revelry.  Talk about humane and packed with things to do!  An excellent tournament model.



AFF.           NEG.           ROOM             JUDGE
KCKCC CT   ULL BW       Mouton 206      Petit, L.
KCKCC FL    Osh Kosh IL Mouton 201      Reed, D.
KCKCC SS  Miami BR      Mouton 203      Matheson, C.
Miami FR   UNT FW        Mouton 204     Crockett, C.
UNT DS    KCKCC NS      Mouton 208      Roubidoux, D.
UNT NO    Miami HR       Mouton 202      Quenette, A.

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