[eDebate] Mardi Gras Elim Participants/Judges

Darren Elliott DELLIOTT
Sun Feb 22 18:34:16 CST 2009

Pairings at 8am at ULL Campus
Round at 9am

Qualifying for the Partial Quarters in Open:

6-0  Univ of North Texas   Debaun and Searles  
5-1  KCKCC   Noah Fugate and Corey Lande
5-1  KCKCC   Miranda Nichols and Mike Slinkerd
5-1  KCKCC   Charlie Clark and Aaron Thomas
3-3  Univ. of Miami  Ava Fox and Lauren Rutledge

Qualifying for the Novice Finals:

Wisconsin Osh Kosh Jon Lica and Bridget Isnardi
Univ. of Miami  Robert Hupf and Elana Reman


Crockett, C.
Eldridge, J.
Matheson, C.
Petit, L.
Reed, D.
Roubidoux, D.

All other coaches are on standby to judge.

Enjoy more Mardi Gras tonight!


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