[eDebate] Thanks ISU Will and even Ron

Josh jbhdb8
Mon Feb 23 15:27:42 CST 2009

The Wolverines would like to thank:

ISU for incredible hospitality Justin and his crew were unbelievable -
constant food, drinks, helping out in every possible way, and even bringing
Zompetti back into the pool.  Thanks for making our trip to Normal so much
fun (so many kinds of cookies they had to be color coded).

Will Repko for running a professional, open, and well-run tabulation room.
For keeping us all totally up to date on what all the options were for every
upcoming scenario...and for helping the pool out by judging while running
the tab room.  Serious thanks for professionalism and district service above
and beyond the call.  Also to Kelly Young and Brent Brossman for helping
Will out.

All the judges for being conceintous and working hard (when everyone was
desperate to leave our last panel worked for 45-60 minutes after the debate
to make the right decision - which we lost).  Its really great to seeing
everyone working so hard to make sure we get the bids to the NDT right.

The alternates for being so competitive and coming so close.  In particular
the alternates from Wayne who managed to almost qualify despite having the

NU FG - good luck on the 2nd round!  One of my fave teams to judge this

Ron Stevenson......for being well-dressed and covering up the tattoos.

Congrats to all the teams qualifying in all districts!!!!

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