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Tue Feb 24 12:51:10 CST 2009

                         NOTE: NEW HOTEL FOR THE 2009 TOC

                                HOLIDAY INN  NORTH
                                1950 Newtown Pike
                                PHONE: 859--233--0512
                 Room Rate:  $95+ tax /per night  (up to 4 in a room)

The  HOLIDAY INN NORTH is holding a block of rooms until April 10, 2009,
or until the block is gone.  When calling, be sure you mention you are
with "UK Debate."  The hotel is located at 1950 Newtown Pike (at Exit
115 on Interstate 75) and the telephone number is (859) 233-0512.  The
hotel offers "free parking for cars, vans and busses" as well as "free
wireless internet"
throughout the entire hotel.


TARA TATE , Co-Director of the Glenbrooks, has certified the 2009 TOC
qualifiers. The Glenbrooks is a TOC qualifier in Policy, LD, and Public
Forum at the Octafinals level and Congress at the semifinals level.


    Will Rafey and Sagar Vijay, Bellarmine (CA)
    Christos Makridis and Peter Mardian, Brophy Prep (AZ)
    Richie Choy and Adi Sudarshan, Chattahoochee (GA)
    Reid Ehrlich-Quinn and Sean Hernandez, Damien (CA)
    Christian Bato and Greg Rodarte, Damien (CA)
    Nupi Bhushan and Anna Litman, Greenhill (TX)
    Arnav Kejriwal and Priya Krishna, Greenhill (TX)
    Danny Bernick and Bob Ciborowski, Henry Sibley (MN)
    Apoorv Kumar and Hao Shen, Lexington (MA)
    Ross Gordon and Ira Slomski-Pritz, New Trier (IL)
    Chris Duran and Quinn Powell, Notre Dame (CA)
    Jennifer Armstrong and Peyton Lee, Pace Academy (GA)
    Alex Gulakov and Alex Miles, St. Mark's (TX)
    Rajesh Jegadeesh and Anshu Sathian, Westminster (GA)
    Ellis Allen and Daniel Taylor, Westminster (GA)
    Brittany Nehman and Matthew Pesce, Woodward (GA)


    Madeline Vuong, Anderson (TX)
    Chris Theis, Apple Valley (MN)
    Matt Dunay, Bronx Science (NY)
    Ben Holguin, Edina (MN)
    David McNeil, Edina (MN)
    Shivani Vohra, Hockaday (TX)
    Gurdane Bhutani, Lake Highland (FL)
    Christian Keil, Lakeville South (MN)
    Daniel Moerner, Los Altos (CA)
    Daniel Khalessi, Mountain View (CA)
    Ken Hershey, Scarsdale (NY)
    Marcus Moretti, Scarsdale (NY)
    Paul Tyger, Strake Jesuit (TX)
    J.P. Gooderham, Upper Saint Clair (PA)
    Jake Nebel, Trinity Prep (FL)
    Ross Brown, Valley (IA)


    Mark Lindsay and Ruth Markwardt, Appleton East (WI)
    Graeme Crews and Leigha Mataosky, Academic Magnet (SC)
    Tina Ritter and Daniel Wilkofsky, Bronx Science (NY)
    Raghav Aggarwal and Mohit Bansal, Harker (CA)
    William Miller and Chip Sinton, Lake Highland Prep (FL)
    Max Elder and Luke Elder, Manchester Essex (MA)
    Zach Collins and Joey Glickman, New Trier (IL)
    Lauren Barriere and Joel Robinson, Nova (FL)
    Austin Criden and Amanda Scherker, Ransom Everglades (FL)
    Thaddeus Ewald and Kaitlyn Westerberg, Timber Creek (FL)
    Lee Lawrence and Kira Purdon, Trinity Prep (FL)
    Caleb Frye and Meredith Potter, Pine Crest (FL)
    Jonathan Friedman and Jeanine Sinanan-Singh, Trinity Prep (FL)
    Rachel Umans and Ben Wolcott, Walt Whitman (MD)
    Alex Edelman and Aaron Schifrin, Walt Whitman (MD)
    Alex Casariego and Chloe Rittenhouse, Western (FL)


    Please note: Congress will be sent as an attachment later.

JW Patterson. 

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