[eDebate] Thanks to Brian Schrader and Sarah Partlow Lefevre

matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed Feb 25 11:11:29 CST 2009

Just wanted to thank Brian and his crew for (a) providing the very nice rooms in Sturm Hall for our debates; (b) arranging food during the tournament and accomodations; and most importantly (c) providing very good wireless access.  


Sarah, who already has far too much to do getting ready for what will be the best CEDA Nats in a long time, was Chief Tabber for the open-to-directors tab room, and helped us through the usual districts tabulation nightmares with her consistently balanced, ethical and engaging manner.  


The success of the district tournament should be attributed to them, while any problems or difficulties were entirely my responsibility.  Thanks again, Brian and Sarah.  You are the reason D9 rocks.  



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