[eDebate] district 6 and SE/SEC CEDA prefs turned on

Ross Smith smithr
Wed Feb 25 16:26:28 CST 2009

Let me know immediately if there are changes in the judging as entered 
on debate results.

We are using an ordinal system: rank all judges from 1 through whatever 
the last number is. Pay attention, to, to the instructions re 
constrained judges.

Use the debateresults site to enter your prefs.

You have until noon EST Friday to finalize prefs. Prefs entered after 
that time might be honored for Saturday and Sunday but cannot be guaranteed.

Contact me if you have problems. (see cell phone info below as well as 

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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