[eDebate] Possible Upcoming Program in Need of Help

Ricky Deck rickydeck
Thu Feb 26 14:31:17 CST 2009

Recently a current high school emailed me and asked me for help on tips in
starting a program at a college/university that currently does not have
one.  Although I have some experience trying to start a program at a given
school, I feel that it may depend on his area etc.  I told him the basics
behind what's important in getting the team started, noticed, etc.  As well
as some of the regulations, that I'm aware of that help him out if he plans
on debating while his "team" is being created.  I'd appreciate it if anyone
could help me help this individual out, especially someone from the district
he'd more than likely be debating in.  Below is his information and the
school he will be attending this fall.

Connor Braman
email - bramanc1 at yahoo.com
Brigham Young University - Provo
attending in the Fall

Thank you,

     Richard Deck
     JMU Debate
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