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Kelly Young kel1773
Fri Feb 27 00:49:35 CST 2009

As Steve explained Miami's decision, I found this part very funny, as a DOF in the region: "[the decision was made that Miami] should switch to Parli debate - where apparently the debaters and speech team members will travel together."

This is a laughable statement. There are very few tournaments in this region where Parli and IE run together. When they do, Parli is on a separate day, which means the team has to stay longer, driving up expenses. If you are writing letters, you might let the Chair in on that little fact...

This justification is a joke in my opinion. They made a HORRIBLE decision to cut their grad program in relation in context of their budget. It would not surprise me if the IE team and the comm department as a whole are dead at Miami in a few years. Without the GAs, they can't cover public speaking, without public speaking or a grad program, no need for a department....

It's a very sad situation all around, one that has really bothered me as a solid program in D5 folds due to very poor management decisions at the department level. 


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