[eDebate] Fwd: District 3, Rounds 1 & 2 pairings

Eric Morris ermocito
Fri Feb 27 14:13:35 CST 2009

* We don't have some of these rooms on Saturday (RH 211, 214, 215, 310,
311). Please DON'T leave any evidence in those rooms. You can store it in
Royall 305 or 312 instead.

* Tab room is Royall 203.

District 3 Ndt Qualifier -- Ndt Qualifier
2/27/2009 through 3/1/2009


Baylor CM                Kansas State AF          RH 312
Ketchum, Scott   Marlow, Eric     Arellano, Amy
Baylor LR                Central Oklahoma  CH     RH 214
Jordan, Todd     Lain, Brian      Matheson, Calum
Central Oklahoma  SS     North Texas  MR          Haag 307
Green, Justin    Jarman, Jeff     Vega, Matt
Kansas  KQ               Emporia State  FL        RH 215
Walters, Heather Farmer, Matt     Johnson, Spencer
Kansas City CC TC        Trinity  BE              Haag 302
Dipiazza, Philip Varda, Scott     Osborn, Martin
Missouri State GK        Texas BW                 RH 305
Atchison, Jarrod Kirk, Justin     Herndon, Scott
Missouri-Kansas City JS  Texas CM                 RH 310
Russell, Jason   Maurer, Sam      Bellinger, Paul
Texas San Antonio MT     Missouri-Kansas City AB  Haag 306
Tripe-roberts, H Davis, James     Naputi, Tiara
Texas-Dallas BR          Oklahoma KT              Haag 201
Evans, Kirk      Reed, Jv         Allen, Isaac
Texas-Dallas LR          Kansas State MZ          RH 311
Denissen, Nick   Gordon, Malcolm  Petit, Louie
Wichita State BR         Missouri State FW        RH 211
Jennings, Andrew Thiele, Chris    Stout, Dan
Wichita State CR         Trinity  BH              Haag 301
Tiffee, Sean     Topp, Sarah      Burk, Chris

District 3 Ndt Qualifier -- Ndt Qualifier
2/27/2009 through 3/1/2009

Central Oklahoma  CH     Texas San Antonio MT     Haag 306
Stout, Dan       Naputi, Tiara    Tripe-roberts, H
Emporia State  FL        Texas-Dallas LR          RH 311
Reed, Jv         Farmer, Matt     Topp, Sarah
Kansas State AF          Wichita State BR         RH 211
Davis, James     Johnson, Spencer Maurer, Sam
Kansas State MZ          Kansas  KQ               RH 215
Russell, Jason   Ketchum, Scott   Evans, Kirk
Missouri State FW        Baylor CM                RH 312
"jt" Taylor, Jam Jordan, Todd     Matheson, Calum
Missouri-Kansas City AB  Baylor LR                RH 214
Jarman, Jeff     Tiffee, Sean     Lain, Brian
North Texas  MR          Missouri State GK        Haag 312
Jennings, Andrew Thiele, Chris    Gordon, Malcolm
Oklahoma KT              Kansas City CC TC        Haag 302
Atchison, Jarrod Harris, Spencer  Kirk, Justin
Texas BW                 Central Oklahoma  SS     RH 305
greenwalt, dusti Roberts, Jeff    Gagnon, Julian
Texas CM                 Wichita State CR         Haag 301
Herndon, Scott   Smith, Ryan      Petit, Louie
Trinity  BE              Texas-Dallas BR          Haag 201
Vega, Matt       Osborn, Martin   Varda, Scott
Trinity  BH              Missouri-Kansas City JS  RH 310
Green, Justin    Richey, Katie    Dipiazza, Philip
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