[eDebate] residual force too small

Old Strega oldstrega
Fri Feb 27 16:21:51 CST 2009

i can't believe obama is giving into his own party and going back on his campaign promise to republicans that he would be truly bipartisan.
if obama were sticking to his campaign rhetoric, a significantly larger residual force would have been announced.   
the genius of the plan lies in the "cancellation of combat missions" one-upping dubya on mission accomplished.    i'm glad obubya will keep the war going under false pretenses and resurrect the disaster he had the JUDGEMENT to oppose back in 2003.   the two-front war is best to prepare the invasion of iran from both sides and keep the US economy focused on the right things.
i seriously hope the "president" will reconsider the size of the residual force and keep his campaign promise.   even if he continues this bipartisan betrayal, i've already cast my vote for 2012 ---  OBUBYA.   ACORN says you can cast early ballots now.

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