[eDebate] running warfield theater, nietzsche challenge

Michael Souders micksouders
Wed Feb 4 19:47:55 CST 2009

I nominate this for greatest edebate post ever.  Even better than the
previous Old Strega post that began, "Yo, Foucauldians..."
i want shanahan. sanchez, please, with irony aside.who can be anti-edebate
for life and claim to self-overcome opposites?if this is not the test, name
the better. topic is relevance of nietzsche to status quo cross-examination
debate. heads up, thread for thread. rhetoric and sophistry from wake
forrest win over intelligence network and FDR statism from harvard. mind you
i have not seen one of these debates in nearly a decade, but given its
historical impetus for great change, perhaps, i have a chance. let me be the
challenge underdog. i still have a topical plan that permutes all conceptual
counterplans.my guess is that something extraordinary can happen.i know is
who is zarathustra and many riddles more. if criticism is not a greater
force than positivism and the social science of government policy, then we
are doomed, e.g. obama, the anti-lobbyist rookie. *
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